We have an awesome team at Great Big Smiles who is committed to giving families great orthodontic care in Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Glendale, AZ. We work with our orthodontist to run three upbeat office locations where we provide customized braces systems. To learn more about our orthodontic team members, take a look at their biographies below.

Sydnee — Office Manager & Treatment Coordinator

As a treatment coordinator, I enjoy developing relationships with our patients. I love educating our patients about orthodontics and different treatment options available to them. My goal is to make your experience at Great Big Smiles fun and enlightening. I want you to leave our office feeling excited about your treatment at our office!
Favorite GBS Task: Making your experience at Great Big Smiles fun and enlightening so that you leave our office feeling excited about your treatment!
Free Time and Hobbies: Handwriting, crocheting and napping
Hidden Talent: Playing the piano
Favorite Food: Sushi and chocolate
Characteristics: Trustworthy, dedicated and funny
Superpower Mom of two

Debbie — Clinical Assistant & Supervisor

I have been with our team at Great Big Smiles for over six years, and I have over 30 years of experience in the field. In addition to working with patients and assisting Dr. , I also help maintain a clean office and perform lab duties. Our office is a fun, stress-free place to work, and I enjoy coming in every day to be around my team. There is never a dull moment here!
Favorite GBS Task: Making beautiful smiles and building new friendships along the way.
Free Time and Hobbies: Camping, line dancing and shopping!
Hidden Talent: Decorating
Desired Superpower: To save the world
Characteristics: Laid-back, trustworthy and drama free

Lisa — Financial Coordinator

I have been in the orthodontic field for just under 20 years and as the financial coordinator, I will do my best to make payment options easy for you! I will bill your insurance to get the most benefit for you and your family. If you have any questions about your insurance, feel free to call or email me.
Favorite GBS Task: Making the financial investment less stressful and seeing patients smiling and cheering as they finish their treatment!
Free Time and Hobbies: Making the financial investment less stressful and seeing patients smiling and cheering as they finish their treatment!
Hidden Talent: Line-dancing
Favorite Food: Salsa
Characteristics: Loyal, serious and helpful

Tara — Treatment Coordinator

As a treatment coordinator for Great Big Smiles Orthodontics, I work to educate new and existing patients on their treatment plan. I strive to make your first appointment fun, carefree and educational. I am available to you every step of the way to put you at ease and give you an understanding of what is to come, both financially and clinically. After visiting Dr. Bowen with my daughter Emma as a patient for the last 6 years, I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of this amazing team.
Favorite GBS Task: Meeting new people and learning new things every day.
Free Time and Hobbies: Walking, hiking, pilates and cooking
Hidden Talent: Financial analytics
Favorite Food: Italian and Mediterranean
Characteristics: Loyal, positive and patient

Sue — Treatment Coordinator

I have worked in dentistry since 1981 and in orthodontics since 2003. My husband, Greg, and I have two children and we love to travel!
Favorite GBS Task: Helping our patients get started with their treatment and corresponding with their general dentist.
Free Time and Hobbies: Gardening and decorating
Hidden Talent: Playing the piano and violin without ever having lessons!
Desired Superpower: To fly
Favorite Music: Disco

Ericka — Scheduling Coordinator & Treatment Coordinator

I have worked in the dental field since 2014, and I love what I do. At Great Big Smiles, our goal is to make our patients feel confident and have every patient walk out with a Great Big Smile! My job is to help make every step of the way easy for our patients.
Favorite GBS Task: Watching our patients complete their orthodontic treatment and seeing how happy and confident their new smiles make them!
Free Time and Hobbies: Eating amazing food and spending time with family
Desired Superpower: To be the perfect mom
Favorite Food: Sushi and Ono Hawaiian
Characteristics: Hard-working and caring

Jessica — Marketing Director & Photographer

At GBS, we value community and family, and I am proud to be a part of a team who reaches out in times of need, supports and empowers others and has so much positive energy! It is my job to connect our office with the community around us through social media, events and photography!
Favorite GBS Task: Capturing all the smiles and positive energy at our office!
Free Time and Hobbies: Pottery, photography and hiking
Hidden Talent: Singing in a rock/blues band
Favorite Food: Sushi and Ono Hawaiian
Characteristics: Bubbly, positive and kind

Manny — Clinical Assistant

I am one of the newest members at Great Big Smiles, and I love being a part of the team. I was born in Sonora, Mexico, and moved to Arizona when I was 7. I have been in orthodontics for eight years, and I am here to make your appointment fun and efficient.
Favorite GBS Task: Meeting new people and making them smile.
Free Time and Hobbies: Sketching and hiking
Hidden Talent: Drawing
Favorite Food: Sonoran hot dog
Characteristics: Fun, happy and outgoing

Cristal — Scheduling Coordinator & Central Command

Favorite GBS Task: Being the first impression of the office when our patients and their families walk in!
Free Time and Hobbies: Cooking and event decoration
Hidden Talen: Making amazing chili green apples
Characteristics: Friendly, truthful and outgoing
Best Advice Received: "Don’t let the past interfere with your future."