Set Halloween Rules For Safe Trick-or-Treat Eating With Braces!

Halloween starts off the busy holiday season where the nights get longer, the days grow cooler, and festivities begin. If you are wearing braces, Halloween may be a little tricky for you this year. Resist temptation by only keeping treats that are safe for you to eat and letting yourself enjoy them, guilt-free! Sugary Treachery Holidays aside, it is important... read more »

Prepare for the School Year Equipped With a Handy Braces Tool Kit!

Did your child receive braces this summer? If so, they will need to prepare themselves for the new school year by learning how to keep their teeth healthy while getting them straightened. The goal is to have a healthy, beautiful smile when their oral hardware comes off. Since they will be spending a good chunk of their time away from... read more »

The Benefits of Wearing Braces as a Child Versus an Adult

Braces worn at any age takes up to two years to straighten on average. Designed to fit your mouth, they are customized to your mouth to place your teeth correctly. During your time in braces, many appointments and adjustments will need to take place. It’s not always comfortable, but it can prevent many issues down the road! Many people feel... read more »

Fix Your Child’s Bad Bite and Relieve Their TMJ With the Help of Orthodontics

With school out early for the year, now may be a good time for your child to be evaluated for braces. Braces are often recommended to improve one’s smile (or orofacial appearance) by correcting crooked or crowded teeth. Braces can also fix problems with the bite, including overbites, underbites, incorrect jaw position and disorders of the jaw joints. When Your... read more »

Do I Really Need to Wear My Retainers?

The most common question we get in our office after Debond Day is, “Do I really need to wear my retainers?”  Well, friends, the short answer is YES!  Every single one of us in the office has had orthodontic treatment, and you might find that for those of us who had it when we were young, our smiles aren’t quite... read more »

Exploring the Best Tools to Use at Home to Clean Your Teeth in Braces

Straightening your teeth for a healthy, properly aligned and beautiful smile takes time and effort and is worth every second! So is taking good care of your teeth along the way so that when the braces come off, your teeth are as healthy as they were when you began! This means stepping up your oral hygiene game as you brush... read more »

Virtual Consultations at Great Big Smiles

We are so excited to announce that we are now offering complimentary virtual consultations at Great Big Smiles Orthodontics! What is a Virtual Consult? A virtual consult is a face-to-face consultation with Dr. Bowen and a treatment coordinator from the comfort of your home or conveniently during your break at work. These consultations take place on ZOOM, a digital meeting... read more »

Your Best Smile Is Within Reach – Orthofi

Choosing the right orthodontic provider for you and your family shouldn’t be taken lightly. You have to take experience, environment, technology, and more into consideration. At Great Big Smiles Orthodontics, we continuously practice our core values so that we are providing our patients with an educated and caring team that celebrates every success, delivers results, supports and empowers them through... read more »