The Orthodontic Brace Maintenance Quiz

Did you know that the care you give to orthodontic braces could affect your recovery time and treatment outlook? Naturally, if you do not take care of your braces, they cannot be expected to function properly. Thus, you must always ensure they are well kept and in proper working condition. For more information, take the following orthodontic brace maintenance quiz:... read more »

Don’t Let a Canker Sore Ruin Your Day

While canker sores in the mouth can arise pretty much anytime, they often show up when you are first wearing braces. These types of sores are white or yellow ulcers surrounded by a red border. They crop up as the soft oral tissues in your mouth may be irritated for one to two weeks while they adjust to the braces... read more »

Avoid These Habits if You Want to Keep Your Braces in Tip-Top Shape

Orthodontic treatment can help you achieve the smile of your dreams—but that’s only the case if you take good care of your braces. This is important because bad habits can damage your appliance and even delay your treatment time. So, it’s best to avoid those habits as much as possible. Those habits are: -Forgetting to brush, floss, and rinse: It’s... read more »

Smile Check

Ideally, orthodontic assessments should start early. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children should be evaluated by an orthodontist by age seven. At this age, Dr. Michael Bowen can detect any issues with jaw growth and development and emerging teeth. Most children begin orthodontic treatment between the ages of 9 and 14. During your child’s orthodontic evaluation in Scottsdale,... read more »

Straightening Your Smile Discreetly with Invisalign® Braces

If you are looking into getting braces, you should know there are options available to you. Great Big Smiles Orthodontics will help you to find what works best for you. One of the more popular brands among brace wearers is Invisalign®, clear plastic aligners. The reason for Invisalign®’s popularity is the advantages it offers the wearer compared to traditional metal... read more »

The Four Kinds of Braces You Can Choose from When Looking at Orthodontics

When you’re looking for braces, our team here at Great Big Smiles Orthodontics can help. Whether you’re an adult looking for a solution to straighten your teeth, or a teen considering clear braces or clear plastic aligners, we have the answers to help you make the best choice. Traditional/Metal Braces Traditional braces are what most people think of when they... read more »

A Brief Overview of Orthodontic Braces Process

We want you to know what to expect when you come get braces. While it can seem intimidating when considering braces for the first time, our expert team at Great Big Smiles Orthodontics works hard to make sure your experience getting your teeth straightened is as comfortable as possible. Your first visit will be fairly simple. Dr. Michael Bowen will... read more »

Braces Can Fix These Kinds of Malocclusions

Dentists and orthodontists have used braces to treat tooth alignment issues in teens and children for a long time. In recent years, more adults have begun seeking orthodontic care. Adult care could be the thing to give you a healthy smile. Some of the issues we treat are: – Spacing or crowding problems –Crowding teeth can cause many problems and... read more »

Cleaning a Fixed Retainer

Congratulations! Your braces are off and your teeth are finally straight, giving you that brilliant perfect smile you wanted when you started your orthodontic journey. However, just because your braces are off doesn't mean you're completely done with orthodontics. Often, you'll need a fixed retainer in place to help keep your teeth right where they should be. If that happens,... read more »

Orthodontic Braces Have Come a Long Ways

The days of clunky and embarrassing braces are over! Gone are the days of being made fun of for obvious and ugly contraptions strapped to our faces. The technology of orthodontics has advanced a great degree. We now have unobtrusive and incredibly effective braces of many varieties. Our orthodontist/dentist will help you choose which is best for you: - Metal... read more »