If you want to receive an orthodontic treatment designed with your smile in mind, then we invite you to visit Great Big Smiles Orthodontics for Insignia™ Braces. Dr. Michael Bowen and our team will provide the customized wires and brackets of this system to more effectively move your teeth. Please call our orthodontist if you want to learn more about Insignia Braces in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Many people see crooked, crowded, gapped teeth as a cosmetic problem that prevents one from having a more beautiful smile. While this is true, what’s more important is that crooked teeth can also have a negative effect on the health of your mouth. Since crooked teeth are harder to clean, your risk for cavities and gum disease is increased. Additionally, an uneven bite can result in jaw strain and unnatural tooth wear. We may suggest an orthodontic treatment like Insignia Braces to fix this problem.

These dental braces for adults are created specifically for your smile. Unlike traditional braces which shift teeth using generic braces and wires, the Insignia brackets and wires are customized for your teeth. We design the brackets for optimal tooth movement, which results in fewer office appointments and a shorter treatment time. This makes Insignia Braces ideal for the busy schedules of adults. Please call one of our offices today if you want to learn more about Insignia Braces.